The final countdown spongebob lyrics

The final countdown spongebob lyrics

The gallery includes images used in magazines as well as cover/disc art for the DVDs. Several of these images would look wonderful in a poster hint hint RightStuf. I can t say enough about how wonderful the opening/ending animations look compared to their DVD counterparts. To say this box is pricy would be a vast understatement. It s much more expensive than I, or any other fan, would like to pay. However, if you can afford it, this is an absolute joy to view and I wished every fan could see it on their own systems. A wonderful story of life and it s troubles, breathtaking images, and a revamped audio track that takes advantage of the music and enhances each scene it s in combined with the beautiful artwork and packaging make this one set that I am proud to own. As always, I ve included many more screencaptures in a Photobucket album for viewing by anyone. Be the first to like this post. Because it looks absol-fucking-lutely brilliant. One of the best shows ever and just like you, one of my favorites both personally and technically. My total including shipping from Amazon Japan was over 44, 000 yen. Feel free to convert that to any money standard. Ever since I planned to get this box and the first series, it s been quite frantic trying to save enough money to get this box, but I feel it was worth it. It looks amazing and I love showing how beautiful anime can be at times. It was worth the price for me especially for the textless OP alone. Thanks for the review and am happy to hear that the video and audio quality is up to scratch. I bought my Clannad boxsets from cdjapan which is substantially more expensive. However, I m a big fan of their meticulous packaging and the packages usually steer clear of my country s dreadful custom charges 25% of value, unlike DHL from Amazon JP which gets hit every. single. time, lol If my memory serves me right, I read on the Anime Blu-ray Mania forums that the English subtitles for season 1 was basically a copy paste of Sentai s R1 release? I m assuming the same holds true for Season 2? You twitted that the subtitles on After Story have quite a few more errors as well, what type of errors? I don t have a Blu-ray player at the moment so I can t personally check, thanks. At least EMS knows where to send a package to in routing. I m the final countdown spongebob lyrics vastly tired of seeing my packages go from Osaka to Hong Kong then waiting 14 hours and finally leaving to the US when they could ve been sent to Tokyo, then to the US later that day. The subtitles appeared to be a copy-paste again, but there were instances of hit becoming it when referring to the baseball episode, combining two words into one, and forgetting an s after a apostrophe. I noticed these were more prevalent than in the first series s box which had little to none in comparison. Email required Your the final countdown spongebob lyrics address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Looks like people are happy with Shana s upscale. I m happy for those who ve ordered it. Still waiting until next month for hanairo though. 7 hours ago Yet another excellent episode of hanairo. That 4th volume s notebook is bound to have some fun information in it! 1 day ago I d like to thank everyone who s read the translations again. Seeing all of the fandom able to discuss what went on is great. Thank you all. 2 days ago Post was not sent check your email addresses! Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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