Barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow part 2

Barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow part 2

I cant believe they are charging extra to get blu-ray when I end up seeing far fewer movies because of their poor packaging. Now that they have signed yet another delayed release deal with two more of the major studios Im seriously questioning if its worth it to keep them. It seems their commitment to the customer continues to slide and yet their pricing remains. I wish RedBox would hurry up and start renting Blu-Rays. Thats all Im waiting for. I too have had issues with cracked BluRay discs. Ive only been with NetFlix since Jan. Ill admit Ive received more cracked BluRay discs than I think is acceptable, but at the same time I realize that each home they go to and how they are handled in a postal atmosphere is quite abusive. The speed in which NetFlix get their movies queued and out to me is phenomenal. Heck, when I receive a damaged flick, I cant even report it damaged until the next day because I wasnt supposed to receive it until the next day. And after reading the post of earlier about the guy that works there and how many discs he inspects in a day, WOW, I can see how some can slip through the cracks no pun. The packaging should definitely be changed. Initially it will barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow part 2 them BIG bucks to use sturdy materials, but in the the end they get a loyal following in an industry that is ever changing. I barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow part 2 think users should be responsible for returning discs in a well taken care of fashion. If the same user keeps returning the discs with peanut butter on them, then they should be penalized. We all know the post office doesnt filthy-up the discs. I should also mention I LOVE NetFlix for their streaming flicks more than anything. I only watch discs when the family get together. I watch streaming everyday. Currently on Season 2 of Dexter. Hmm, and i thought my new blu-ray player just stunk. Star Trek locked up and skipped in two places, missed about 10 minutes. Ruined a movie I was looking forward to seeing. I have had my PS3 for a couple of years now, and added Blu-ray to my Netflix account right away. I stuck with it when they increased the pricing if you wanted to keep Blu-ray discs. Ive gotten a handful of damaged discs in the years that I barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow part 2 been a member, both DVD and BRD. Tonight I opened the mailbox to find a copy of The Warriors on Blu-ray, and it has the small crack. This is the first time that I have noticed a small crack on a Blu-ray disc.

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