Arn tempelriddaren You should all be proud of yourselves

Arn tempelriddaren

You should all be proud of yourselves. Hi John. So glad you and the crew and arn tempelriddaren are all back safely. What an ordeal. Word is that you did an AWESOME job out there. We knew you would. To John, the crew, and CCL, you guys did a fantastic job handling a very difficult situation. And we knew you would. That s why we cruise Carnival. John, whatever your next ship is, I want to be on it! You were our cruise director on the Carnival Destiny back in 1 When I heard that you were the CD on the Splendor during this difficult time, I knew that the passengers were in very capable hands indeed. Thank you for sharing arn tempelriddaren story, your humor, and most of all, your professionalism. CCL handled this with the utmost class, and I can t wait to sail with them again. This is funny and serious all at the same time, I am glad to see the crew and senior staff handled it calm and professionally As for the underpants tell me what size and I ll get you a pair when I see you on the bloggers cruise. That is where training and rehearsing pay off. You hope arn tempelriddaren never have to use it but in emergency situations it is essential. Although the media has been doing their best to discredit the cruise line and the cruise line industry in general, they have not succeeded very well. Passengers have been praising Carnival and the crew members up and down. The true test of excellence isn t when things are going right; it is when there is a crisis. Carnival showed the world how it responses to a crisis and the world, applauded. Except the media. Well said, John. I remember hearing that Alpha Team to deck 0 call once on the Carnival Triumph. I don t remember if it was last year or 2007, but we didn t lose power or anything serious like this. We were just moving slower than usual. My memory is very faint right now, so I don t remember everything that happened on that cruise since nothing major happened.

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