Men at work down under remix I

Men at work down under remix

I don t remember if it was last year or 2007, but we didn t lose power or anything serious like this. We were just moving slower than usual. My memory is very faint right now, so I don t remember everything that happened on that cruise since nothing major happened. Heading to part two now I am so glad everyone is okay. Nice work crew and staff. I have sailed with Carnival 4 times and have enjoyed every one of them. By the way, I heard that some of the passengers didn t want the free cruises after this happened well I know alot of people men at work down under remix sailed with me on previous carnival cruises that would be glad to have em. John, I knew you would tell us the whole story about what had happened. Thanks for your complete honesty. Carnival should be so proud of you and the whole crew of the Splendor. A job well done. Save this blog as a chapter in the book you should write at the end of your service. The pictures you paint from the bridge are vivid and truly amazing. My wife and I left the C. Splendor on 7 Nov so we have fresh memories of you, the Captain and the wonderful crew and we are glad you are all safe. We hope you, all of you, are able to get some much needed and deserved rest. By the way, as a career US Air Force guy, I can tell you that there is no better way to respond to an emergeny than to have practiced for it over and over again. When on board I watch the drills that you folks perform and this time your hard work ahead of the emergency served you and your guests very well! WELL DONE!!! I sure hope they give you and the rest of the crew a few days to unwind. After running on adrenilan for 24 hrs or more the body and brain need time to recycle. Don t need any PTSD cases from this. Great job by the whole crew and kudos to the passengers for not making the situation any worse than it was. I read the first few lines and thought about lighting a cigarette, but I don t smoke. You have brilliant dreams. Your words reinforce the benefits of training. You now have national name recognition, calm and yet entertaining in the face of danger. Fire is the four letter word at sea. The hard part is putting it out without sinking the ship. Obviously the Splendor is well designed and men at work down under remix the teams to get the situation under control. Thanks for telling the story. John, glad everything is going to be okay!! We have been honored with your presence as our cruise director 3 times, each one better than the first!! Sounds like you had your hands full!!! I do feel sorry for any of the first time cruisers, all of our experiences have been wonderful, and theirs should have been too!! Hope to have the pleasure of cruising with you again, our Platinum cruise will be booked soon, and on the Splendor!! We are not afraid to cruise Carnival again!! We Love you!! The Enzolera s Belleve NE I am an avid cruiser with CCL. You were the CD on my Glory cruise and we had a blast with you. Matter of fact the other night we watched the video of the talent show and bed time story where you were rode like a bucking bronco. My entire family was shocked by what happend on the Splendor, but know from experience that the Officers and Crew did an awesome job under the cricumstances. We are pleased to hear what Carnival has done for the passengers.

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