The Two Jakes I think I am

The Two Jakes

I think I am more happy seeing every American came together for the 1st time celebrating. This is what Martin Luther King dreamed about. For every man, woman, boy and girl to stand together as one. Obama is a man who attract so much positive energy. I liked what one of the anchors said last night, Obama bring a sort of peacefulness when hes around. He has a great spirit and I am happy to congratulate him as the 1st African American president!!! How extremely blessed we all are to be on this earth to see our first black president! Thank you Lord! Our ancestors would be so proud! And my heart aches for those who are no longer here to enjoy this victory with the rest of us. taking a moment of silence Make ya money, dont let money make u!! You go ahead and keep calm and cool! Florida will go ahead and party like a rock star for you. you truly believe that people didnt vote for Osama because he was black then guess what, you deserve what you get! And by the way, i got some land i want to sell you too! Maybe you need to go back and read again what i wrote. I said check the stats on cnn for the information on the exit polls. I dont have to say anything else but those numbers alone shows that what you just said was the dumbest most uneducated statement i have ever heard. It was not a two sided race where Obama got all the African American votes and McCain got all the Caucasian American votes. Obama did get the African American vote and that is 100% great! But this man has also struck a cord in Caucasian Americans based on the exit polls and the popular votes. Trust he would NOT The Two Jakes won if the majority of americans white included would have voted for McCain. THAT is what i said and i dont wanna buy any land thats been stolen so while you sit here simmering and getting mad please believe that you can never break this spirit and at the end of the day BARACK OBAMA-A HALF AFRICAN AMERICAN IS YOUR PRESDIENT!! The impossible is bad thing about it all is that there are a lot of Caucasians you have so much hate in there heart. Its done over it and your 08! I didnt realize how much I cared about this election until last night The Two Jakes I was watching Cnn and saw that he felt was a little emotional to be honest. I am proud to be an American that is. WE DID IT!!! WE MADE HISTORY LASTNIGHT!!!!! Passion, Fashion, Coach Bags LETS MAKE THIS THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD AND POSITIVE BLACK PEOPLE. THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCUSES!!!!!NO EXPLANATIONS!!!!!OUR TIME HAS COME AS A WHOLE AND AS ONE PEOPLE. BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, HISPANIC, U NAME IT. WE THE PEOPLE WILL SHINE! Im laughing at all the salt in this building. Never debate with an idiot! My People, we cannot get to comfortable. There are still serious issues that we must face and climb. Winning is half the battle. It is literally taking a Black man, to come and clean up the hot damned mess that the white man left for our country and this great man. He has to get it right, because if he first The Two Jakes these white racist and negative MO-FOs going to let them in the White House and take over and Look. Moreover, we have to worry about them trying to assignate him! I am not buying into this madness, but we need to be Took JFK and Bobby Kennedy and they even tried to kill ol stupid azz Ronald Regan, so we have to vigilant, and not get lax or take our eye off the prize. CHANGE IS NOT GOING TO COME EASY! BUT WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER AS ONE NATION!!! illinoi boi is right, this is just the beginning. Now the real work begins. Once we foreclosed on the republicans they let the house go to sht. So now we have a ton of repairs to do with a shrinking budget. Tough job. I would love a crystal ball. But I dont want to take away from the moment. HISTORIC!!! While I find it interesting to see a black president. I do not like to see people post that it is was Gods will for any man to get elected into office when the Bible clearly shows that we are not to put trust in man. The scriptures also say that by means of Gods Kingdom.

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