Renaissance We as Black people


We as Black people finally came together and accomplished something. Also, we have to thank all whites and hispanics who looked pass color and gender that helped put Barack in office. Ive got a s moobmoob321 and Renaissance rest of her monkey shyt slangers??? Boombooms job is done. She came to rile enough of us up enough to make sure wed go out and vote just to piss a boomboom off. She succeeded. I suspect shell be returning in her regular screen name. notonwelfare WTF! Why would you choose to rain on what in most people believe is the most beautiful day in American history? Sit back and enjoy what has happened and I will pray you get peace in your mind and your heart. The Rock is in the building! Today feels like my birthday, Christmas, New Years Eve and the last day of school all rolled into one. I live in Ohio and cannot believe we actually went blue for once! No more Yes We Can. Its Yes we did! OBAMA YALL! Why do MTO stories end in !!!quot For now own, I will STOP calling my kids lil princess and lil prince, it will be my lil PRESIDENT!! DR MARTING LUTHER KING PROTHETIZED THIS HE SAID THAT WE WOULD OVERCOME!!! THE STRUGGLE WASNT IN Mr. President Barack Obama ON JAN. 20, 2009 PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA WILL BE STANDING ON THE VERY SAME STEPS THAT WERE BUILT BY OUR ANCESTORS, WHOM NEVER THOUGHT THAT A BLACK PERSON WILL BE STANDING ON, GETTING SWORN IN!! stop it s not BLACK! hes white, very WHITE! GOD BLESS THIS NATION OF PEOPLE FOR COMING TOGETHER AND SEEING PAST COLOR, AND SEEING THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE I CAN TELL MY SON AND MY FUTURE KIDS AND GRANDKIDS THAT THEY CAN BE A DOCTOR, LAWYER, OR EVEN THE PRESIDENT, AND ACTUALLY HAVE BARACK OBAMA AS MY EXAMPLE THAT IT CAN HAPPEN!!! I CRIED LAST NIGHT AND I AM STILL TEARY EYED BECAUSE THIS MEANS EVERYTHING TO MY FAMILY, AND ESPECIALLY MY GRANDMOTHER WHO IS 84 YEARS OLD IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW. SHE IS WELL IN MIND, BUT COULD NOT IS SO PROUD TO LIVE TO SEE THIS WORLD FULL OF WHITE PEOPLE WHO ENSLAVED HER AND HER MOM AND FAM TO THE BLACK ONLY BATHROOM, OR THE BLACK ONLY GOD BLESS EVERYONE. THERE IS HOPE FOR ONE NATION WITHOUT COLOR BEING AN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY 31 YEARS, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! You know I was just sitting here crying again, thinking that we blacks havent always had it easy you know going through slavery, racism and all that bullshit that we went through. No one can put us down, we have done it. I am just so happy right now and I am still crying because Barack inspires me that I can do Renaissance if I work really hard at it. I am a black young woman who is getting my education and I am saying if any white or other bon black tells me I cant do it or any black person they cant suceed in life I will tell them to back off and leave me the hell alone because we blacks are just as smart, intelligent, and strong, just as whites. Barack you dont know how much I admire you. I AM SOOOOO GLAD. BLACK PRIDE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Well, were movin on up movin on up To a deluxe apartment in the sky. We finally got a piece of the pie. Fish dont fry in the kitchen, Beans dont burn on the grill. Now were up in the big leagues, There aint nothin wrong with that. Well, were movin on up movin on up To a deluxe apartment in the sky. We finally got a piece of the pie. I can only please one 1 person per day. I CANNOT BE MORE PROUD OF MY COUNTRY THAN TODAY. WE HAVE ALL COME TOGETHER AS ONE AND HAVE PUT OUR DIFFERENCE BEHIND US. I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD BE ALIVE TO SEE THIS DAY AND I WISH MY GRANDPARENTS WERE ALIVE TO SEE THIS. EVEN THOUGH I AM HISPANIC, MY GRANDPARENTS AND GREAT GRANDPARENTS WERE PART OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN WAS NOT WHITE. THEY ENDURED SO MUCH PAIN AND FOR THIS DAY TO COME BRINGS ABSOLUTE TEARS TO MY EYES. 2cexee4u I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.

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