Rawhead rex ending I have

Rawhead rex ending

I have three email addresses, and I tried them all. All of these addresses returned the above error: Therefore, I am unable to create a My ESSENTIALS account and access the promised content. I have tried to create an account using three different browsers, and all of these returned the above error: Safari 4 running under Mac OS X 2 FireFox 6b4 running under Mac OS X 2 So, can you please tell me how to create a valid My ESSENTIALS account so that I can access the Enhanced Features? As you can see, what should have been a seamless experience between device, Web, and content providers, has turned into a convoluted and sadly not unsurprising Sony Consumer Experience black box trial by fire. Will I get a response? Who knows. When will I get response? Maybe before, maybe after Xmas, by which time I will have lost the opportunity to share holiday on-demand content with my family, one of the main reasons for buying this unit. Before anyone wades in a starts a flame war about how this is not a review of the unit, it is. The unit promises a seamless blend between conventional Blu-Ray and DVD watching AND a service eco-system of online content and relationships with content providers. OK, so Sony scores comparably on the first of these two requirements, but fails miserably on the second. Sure, maybe their Web site is down the weekend before Christmas, or maybe it s just programmed badly. But that doesn t matter. It Should Just Worktm. Apple seems to manage to pull of the It Should Just Worktm thing with iTunes and movie rentals rawhead rex ending what-not. A failure in the service part of the equation makes rawhead rex ending feel bad about the overall purchase. After all, there are cheaper Blu-Ray hardware-only DVD players out there. By the way, the only PHYSICAL issue I have with the unit is that the XCROSS interface system which is great, Emmy-winning, yada, yada does not resolve at 1080p resolution. It appears that it s hard wired at a much lower resolution for reasons that are not clear. On the PS3, the resolution of XCROSS is higher. Sony is not listening to my critique, but you are. If you want a capable Blu-Ray player that is adequately styled, then this is fine. If you want to take your chances about how Sony has glued together the internet based features, then be my guest. Others here apparently have managed to succeed at getting the whole thing operational, so it must once have been possible. I will see rawhead rex ending long it takes for Sony to respond to my email, and if the problem gets resolved, at which time I will be happy to report back, positively or otherwise. But be cautioned that most things that Sony creates that rely on a comprehensible Web strategy is often beyond understanding at best, and at worst, simply fails. Sony did respond via email within 24 hours of my email see above. But they responded as if they hadn t even read my email by telling me to migrate the credentials from an account I don t have at Sony Style dot com to another account I don t have at internet dot sony dot tv slash bravia. The latter of these two URLs is where Sony tells you to go to enter the code the unit generates to enable the internet features. It displays this URL right on the screen of your TV with instructions that are apparently invalid. I figured out a way around all of this mess. I went to SonyStyle, created an account, waited a few minutes and then went back to the Sony-provided URL. When asked for my credentials, I entered my new SonyStyle name and password, and THEN I was allowed to enable the internet features at MY ESSENTIALS. From there, you have to go to Amazon s and Netflix s Web sites and activate your Sony BD unit. Once that is done a pleasure by comparison to the Sony sites and service, your BD player is ready for use. I live in an area unserved by a major cable company. Our internet service is delivered by our local community cable company and the best downstream connection I can get is 5Mbps sustained. On a computer this has proven to be plenty fast enough to watch Hulu at the highest resolution or Netflix streaming at high quality.

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