12 Angry Men cutenkinky since

12 Angry Men

cutenkinky since you know so got damn much why didnt you run to be the damn President since you know theyre setting him up and whatever else your worthless post says. You are just as much as an African American as we all are and you cant support your own race. Obama knew what he was getting himself in so Im sure he knows how to handle the situations he will be faced with. Now if Mc Cain was elected I beat you wouldnt have a damn thing to say. Do us all a favor and keep the negativity to yourself because weve reached the promise land! SHOWTIME DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT THE MAJORITY OF WELFARE RECIPIENTS ARE WHITE? WHITE? WHITE? LETS NOT MENTION THE SERIAL KILLERS AS WELL WHITE. WHITE. WHITE. Republican, Democratic, Black, White GET REAL!!! Its 12 Angry Men even about that. Its about our countrys future. WE VOTED OBAMA It WAS AND IS common sense. Palin wass nothing more than a good talker who by the way is using scare tactics, because she knows her and McCain dont have a different solution other than Bushs ideas for our future. With McCain youd be getting more of the same. Look where Bush 12 Angry Men put our country. Do you really want more of the same? Things in America are getting worst not better. This country is in bad shape after voting Bush into office. The 911 attacks for one totally INNOCENT men, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND BABIES were KILLED President Bush was WELL AWARE that something horrible was going to precautions did he take? none? After and since the attacks STILL WHAT HAS HE DONE? It is almost as if he doesnt care. If he did care, WHY NOT GO AFTER THE RING LEADER Bin Ladin Hello???? Why why why isnt he or didnt he go after Bin Ladin instead HE GETS EVEN MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE killed and in horrible ways getting innocent Americans DECAPITATED????? Why? Because hes a WARmonger maybe? He doesnt care about the average American. BUT OBAMA DOES. Common sense Showtime. We voted for someone that wants to rescue our troops, make sure we can afford health care and whose trying to give the middle class the tax breaks we deserve! Like the rich have been cushioning their pockets for years. Dont you want some benefits for yourself??? Thats all right if people turn on him. At least he is getting a CHANCE to CHANGE THINGS. If you ever want to move forward in life, you have to accept change. You dont sit back as you say and watch. You join in and help change things. You say that you dont live for hope. That is incredibly sad. I will always have hope in people, the world and myself. I prefer to be positive and productive not negative and destructive. Well we all should hope in God and his kingdom. not mans kingdom/governments. because if we really want to see real results and change.

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