The color of money

The color of money soundtrack

The improved video quality was just a happy accident. I think that the absolute bottom line is that people will adopt blu-ray if 1 HDTV become the de facto standard for televisions and 2 people see additional benefits, other than just improved audio/video. For instance Additional web content, maybe 3D video or other as yet undeveloped improvements. The current Blu-ray offerings are not enough to overcome the need to upgrade all of the basic equipment to get maximal benefit. Think of how blown away people will be with DVD quality on their new LCD or plasma screens when they actually spend the money on component/hdmi cables instead of the composite/coax or s-video! The slow adoption in US might be explained by the recent economic mess. The slow adoption in Asia can probably be explained by the LACK of piracy. It seems the BD alliance have intentionally kept a short leash on BD production licenses the color of money soundtrack equipment, once these things fall into the hands of certain presumptively Chinese disc factories, then we can probably expect BD hardware sales in Asia rise at insane rates, but the movie studioes arent going to let that happen any time soon just yet. At least most of my friends in Asia are holding out on the PS3 for the simple reason of the LACK of piracy. Once pirated BD media appears on the market, then Sony would be on an even footing with M and Nintendo in the Asian VG console market. I know nothing about Europe and Africa, so Ill leave them out of this. Any body know a few things about these continents? When walking down the aisles the people see 30 for a movie theyll most probably just keep right on Theyll think, At 30 a pop, why bother? are slow due to the fact that most casual viwers dont see value in costly machines and disks. And a few rungs down the ladder, joe sixpak viewer sees no value in upgrading. Untill price point is similar to existing standard dvd machines/disks, expect sluggish sales. I havent read all the comments here there were 184 of them as I posted this, the color of money soundtrack Im sure Im repeating others in saying this as it seems very common 1 Maybe the folks worried about blu-ray hardware sales should pick up a newspaper sometime and read the financial section. The economy is in the tank at the moment, gas prices are through the friggin roof with no sign of slowing 100% its going to hit 4 a gallon this summer in even the states that usually are comparatively cheap with other states. The last thing on most peoples minds right now with the domino effect of food prices and most other goods going up is oh wait we need to drop a few hundred on a blu ray player. Nah call me silly but I like to eat and get to work more than watch movies. 2 Unless you are a die hard, DVD is more than adequate, blu-ray is hardly a MUST HAVE to many folks who have a huge DVD collection already. I know on and off through the past couple months when I talk to friends or the color of money soundtrack about this topic overwhelmingly people agree they feel they can easily be satisified with their DVD player for quite a while, there is no urgency in them to upgrade to blu-ray. Granted none of this people are what you consider tech geeks either, in fact half of them are hardly ever home. But anyway I think its that economy and blu-ray players is a nice thing to have but thats nothing major to a lot of people. There are very few new releases that have come out on Blu-Ray. Barnes Noble has a Buy 2, Get 1 free Blu-Ray sale on right now and I cant find a 3rd disk worth buying for me. I already own a lot of DVDs, most of the Blu-Ray titles are back catalog stuff that I already own and cant see the point of an HD version of the movie Die Hard 4 pack, are you shtting me?. One thing I did see that was interesting was the show Weeds an entire season on one disk. This is where BR is going to shine for a lot of people. I love owning tv series, but hate the 4 disk case sets. Slim it down to 1-2 disks. Awesome. I bought a set and 3 BD movies after HD surrenders. I think the price of BD disks are expensive to prefer. Also you wont notice too much difference if you dont sit close to your TV or your TV is not big enough.

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