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Anonymous Customer The good news is that this DVD was released and is available for purchase here at And its a great show, dont get me wrong. I think the 2001-2002 tour had some of the Monkees best shows in the last 10 years. The bad news is that they left out the real Anyone who went to any of the live shows will remember Sandy and Dave as Archie and Edith Bunker; Davys Oliver Medley; the guys singing a medley of songs by their favorite songwriter: Mike Nesmith; all the crazy Monkee antics between songs; and my personal favorite, Mickys version of Since I fell for You, complete with the story about his PMS Pre-Monkee Singing. Its too bad that Absolute Power left the best stuff out, it would have been almost as good as going in person. Amy S. Roundtree The DVD only includes the groups mainstream songs which I thought was a big mistake. Also, there was almost none of the banter that goes on between the guys between songs. Those are the things we really wanted to see. frodispwr My wife and I were present at this performance and so much was lost in the editing. I missed the brilliant Monkees Overture and Mickys show stopping Since I Fell For You spot. I cant understand why so much was cut out. ianhse This product is no longer available for purchase. The limited edition run ended in November 200 NOTE: Monkeesrule43 Online is not the seller of this product. We will be happy to answer questions regarding After the original live DVD only featured half the concert, Monkees fans united to get the full, uncut concert on DVD. Our efforts proved successful! All photos are property of their respective ownersAll content is Monkeesrule43 Online unless otherwise noted. Didnt find the information you were looking for? Want to send comments or suggestions? Wall of sound. Not the first term one would have used to describe the original incarnation of Uncut, a product of multi-instrumentalist Ian Worang, and techno producer Jake Fairley. With their early singles making it Absolute Power the record bags of high-profile DJs quick to adopt the then-fresh dance-rock phenomenon, an album full of club bangers might have been expected but intentions change, and all that. So after Fairley relocated to Berlin, Worang rebuilt Uncut with Sam Goldberg, Derek Tokar and Jon Drew, signing to Torontos Paper Bag Records, and releasing the debut album, Those Who Were Hung Hang Here. Sure, original hits like Understanding the New Violence continued as a propulsive explosion of danceable energy, but with guitars replacing computers at shows, and a total reliance on live percussion, the feel was entirely different. And entirely good, if one were paying attention to the critical praise the band was receiving. So what does critical praise get you these days? The ear of Bob Mould evidently, indie-rock legend and ex-Husker Du founder, Mould asked Uncut to open for his 2006 tour, which was, according to Uncut the loudest series of shows weve ever been to. After two years of regular touring and sharing the stage with Death From Above 1979, Metric, Sloan, and The Walkmen, playing at both CMJ and SxSWUncut has evidently arrived at their new sound: LOUD. Loud like early 90s touchstones Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr. or even perhaps The Jesus Mary Chain, the cascading guitar squall, pounding rhythms and basslines are all capable of moving the hairs on the back of your neck. Indeed, with this their second album, bassist Tokar has stepped up to the mic alongside Worang and Goldberg. Through all of this hard work, the foursome found their live legs, playing off each other and creating an intense, connected stage presence. This shines through the crevices of their new album Modern Currenices, lending it a more live, dynamic feel than anything youve heard from the band so far. Its tight, but not over-produced; polished, but full of soul their experience as musicians evident. Modern Currencies was self produced, recorded and engineered by Jon Drew Uncuts drummer and producer for both Tokyo Police Club and Magneta Lane and mixed by John OMahony Metric, Dashboard Confessional, LCD Soundsystem. To see more of Uncut on the web, check out these links: Hey I think my penis may have BO or something I have heard about this being common for uncut guys and I need some help. Do I just wash it with water, use soap or anything else? Also after I take a piss wont it end up smelling bad cause sometimes a little more comes out after I am done how do I fix this. Sometimes when I feel under the foreskin there is a slimy like substance but its not precum I dont know what it is. Basically I just need to know the best way to not have a bad smell down there.

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