In the Mouth of Madness Rick

In the Mouth of Madness

Rick Ross started calling 50 Cent Curly in interviews we didnt know where that came from, Broadway recalls. After that, 50 just went in and said, I got some stuff to shoot. Lets get going. Wed shoot something, and it would be out the next day. And because he is who he is, we learned to shoot more discreetly. Its usually done in one take, too. Its guerrilla filmmaking mixed with a director and lead actor who knows exactly what he wants to do. what d fuck is going on here why should two respected rappers be dissing each other so what do they want up coming rappers like us do when is our turn to kill our selfs mercilessly pls they should both stop that. i read In the Mouth of Madness book the RIck Ross spoke about 15 Laws of the Street in the Dj Envy interview. the book is pure heat! you can say what you will about his past. The album is fire and the book is a classic in the making. When it hits the game is gonna flip. The dudes who wrote it are real soldiers too! thats what you call boss, rick ross have no business fucking with a king who have ended him 50, fuck rick ross for Technology has changed everything about the rap battles waged, and as noted in the article, the candidate/rapper who embraces this new platform, outperforms his opponent. The winner is determined by several factors, like popularity and antics, instead of talent and theres no denying that 50cent creates good hip hop theater and buzz. Its funny, but the 50 vs. Ross beef reminds me of the infamous Mike Tyson fights. Say what you want about Iron Mike but we loved seeing him destroy his opponents, just as we love watching 50s attempts at destroying Ross. It never really mattered what Ross did in his past, but how he falsely responded to the questions about his past, and nobody respects an outright liar, unless they have an exceptional talent because, the truth is, aint none of them keeping it 100%. check out my podcasts for some awesome dj mixes at dot com. This is a good example of how how hip hop wont stop evolving like it or it shows that 50 cent is a driving force in hip hop like it or not and its a good show of great reporting. I just wish 50 would change his ways, as entertaining as this battle is. Make some music already. and move on. NICE ARTICLE If Rick Ross wins, That would mean that A POLICE OFFICER WOULD BE KING OF HIP HOP. So let me get this straight. WE HAVE A GAYdresser-kanye west, A GAYkisser-lil wayne, AND AN EX CORRECTIONAL OFFICER COP WHO LIED ABOUT BEING A DRUG DEALER AS THE KING OF HIP HOP?? YEAH, HIP HOPS DEAD!!! IF THE COP HIP HOP IS OVER!!! No way in hell can that ex correctional officer win and hip hop survive. We already have A GAY FRIENDLY RAPPER KANYE A RAPPER THAT KISSES A MAN IN THE MOUTH THATS NOT HIS FATHER WHO HE CALLS DADDY LIL AND IF OFFICER RICKY WINS??? WELL HAVE AN EX COP AT THE hop will be literally dead then. THIS IS ALL ABOUT RICK ROSS!!. Seriously, 50 cent already made his money. IF RICK ROSS CAREER If Rick Ross Sells?? 100, 000 units the first week or more?? Hell be a star and 50 cent will have to swallow his pride. But hell still be RICH!! lol. Lets get 1 thing straight: even pac predicted this said there would be fake niggaz In the Mouth of Madness 2 be real and actin all hard when in fact they never lived that certain lifestyle. Yes Ross makes good music but its all a lie!. Hate him or love him, 50 was a hustler. He didint go prison 4 nothing. People from his own hood can certify this and even saw 4 themselves his hustle. The nigga had benzez and land crusiers when he was 18 years old! at least u can beleive 50 rap is a shamble these days. 2 many fake niggas You should thank 50 for exposin these Talk this was never about rap or hip-hop music, this was about an artist disrespecting another artist on a personal level in regards to his family, which he did not know, solely to promote his next project, and the other artist being handicapped from causing physical harm to that person deciding to publically humiliate him. you cant call this a rap battle, because the only parts of this that have to do with rap is the way it started and the occupation of these to artists. Rick rosss diss tracks were terrible 1 min tracks and after officer down by lloyd banks the musical part of the beef itself was a wrap. Rick ross is producing some good album cuts but that has no relation to the beef itself. The fact is if you really think about 50 cent spent very little tim conducting this beef, he made 3 tracks one of them with a video to promote his video game and pimpin curly thing was addressing pimpin ken and foxy brown and then evolved to be promotion for the website, other than interviews he really didnt conduct this campaign at all. ross is winning thus is talking about his baby mothers no more, he keeps putting out hot music and what is ur boy 50 doing? 50cent cant rap to save his life thats y hes resorting 2 other things 2 shift the focus of the audience from the basicsrap. Ross is actually looking like a of fact where is 50? Musically, rick ross is winning this beef.

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