Broken Flowers You should go

Broken Flowers

You should go see it, even if you know what happens! The movie begins with some animal activists breaking into a research lab in Cambridge. Monkeys are being tested with a disease called After not listening to the helpless doctors plea to not release the monkeys, one of the activists unlocks one of the containers and is bit by a monkey. She begins vomiting blood and everyone becomes infected. Our protagonist, Jim Cillian Murphy, awakes in an abandoned hospital. He finds trash everywhere, phones Broken Flowers the hook, everything is a wreck. He Broken Flowers outside only to find London is in even worse shape. No cars, no people, no noises. Newspapers saying Evacuation and things of the sort. Jim goes into a church nearby. He finds a pile of bodies and calls hello. Two of the bodies rise, staring at him with blank expressions. Then a priest bursts through the door. He, along with the other infected, chase Jim outside. Note from Dan The Movie Spoiler: These Zombies arent dead; just people infected with the rage disease. Oh, and they arent stiff awkwardly moving slow zombies either. They can be pretty darn As he is being chased, two people save him, throwing molotov cocktails at his pursuers. He meets Selena and Mark, a supposed couple. They find shelter at a nearby shop. Selena explains that they are infected, and that any contact with their blood, by touch or ingestion, makes you infected. Jim wants to know what happened to his parents. Jim visits his parents house. He finds them dead, with his picture in his moms hand. They stay here for the night. Jim cant sleep, so he gets up, lights a candle and goes to the fridge. Starring at the fridge he imagines that his parents just came home from somewhere and he greets them warmly and has a few words with We see the house from outside where the candle light is clearly visible and a few shadows zombies obviously run past towards the house. JIm is still daydreaming as the zombies break through the backdoor, the kitchen door and attack him. His two companions come to his rescue in a rather confused and slightly bloody scene. A zombie jumps through the window and tries to kill Jim. Mark and Selena kill it, but Mark gets bit. Selena instantly kills Mark without hesitation. Christmas lights on a balcony of a quite high apartment building. They decide to go there. They climb atop a pile of shopping carts which are some sort of a blockade against the zombies, and they make their way up the stairs. More zombies pursue them but they are saved by a man dressed in SWAT attire. He is Frank Brendan Gleeson, and his daughter is Hannah. They live on top of the building. Frank begins listening to his radio. The army is calling for everyone to seek shelter in Manchester, which is where they depart to. Frank drives Broken Flowers in his Taxi. They have to take a dark path under a bridge, where cars and bodies block the way. Frank drives through them and makes it, with a flat tire. As he changes it, zombies begin to come towards the car.

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