Loaded Am I missing something? I charge my phone everynight


Am I missing something? I charge my phone everynight. If you travel a a car charger. If your out and about and a businessman theres a 80% chance you have a laptop. So use the supplied USB charger. I get the fact that no one wants to have a phone that needs charging every 4 hours but thats Loaded not the case here. The OP makes it seem like you cant take this phone off the charger. And why even tell us your leaving for another phone? Should we be responding to you begging to come back to us? The OP needs the new Droid Magnifico from Verizon, it is made out of unobtanium, has 25 inch super AMOLED screen that can shrink down to 1 inches to fit nicely in your pocket, runs on a 8 Ghz Intel i15 processor, 128GB of memory, 4 TB internal phone storage with a 32 TB SuperTinyMicroSD card, with a battery that supports 1 Month of heavy use without a recharge, and weighs no more than a pencil. This phone also has a 2 Megapixel Cam on it with 2160P recording and output, and last but not least 1 Dolby surround sound. Retails for only 99 w/no contract. running Android 8 Tiramisu this is my 4th smart phone and 8th phone in the last 10 years. a good camera capable of 3 MP or more let me say after 28 days i LOVE android completely and totally, my phone next and future will be android only. I love the O/S I do not however like my hardware its on. lasts a day with Auto brightness, ALL SYNCs OFF. 3G on. 150 texts, no calls. 30 mins of internet. 45 minutes of padnora streaming. No camera or GPS or Wifi ALL OFF I know I can get a bigger battery but I am sorely disappointed with battery life. Maybe a Future OTA will fix this. I have tried all fixs I also think having to unplug the plug and turn it off every night to fully charge the battery because the hardware/software wont fully charge it correctly sucks. Maybe OTA will fix it too. I realize for a smartphone of these specs battery will suck. but it Loaded make it a full day. Call Quality: Mine sucks. flat out. if my signal is 51 db or 101 db. zero bars to full bars. City or country. 3G or not. Earpeice or loudspeaker or bluetooth or headset. EVDO C or EVDO C. My call quality SUCKS. I know its NOT verizon becuase a phone right next to it from 2006 on the same network gets crystal clear calls. Maybe an OTA update will fix this. I came from a 4 year old Loaded ericson with 2 MP and a xenon flash that took pictures leaps and bounds above my 8 MP on or off. screen tap focus or optical button focus.

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