Greta knights So there s a

Greta knights

So there s a large and bawdy sensation of discomfort. So what. Just another sensation arising and passion away as Goenke says. I accept No, no I don t. Ready to finish. Bored of hurting So it goes, as the minutes tick by. I win the argument and sit in peace for a while until the next strong Ya basta enough already thought arises. This time I present myself with the options: Going to give up? Going to shift your position and then feel disappointed in a few minutes when the bell goes and you could have kept going? Did you or did you not commit to this course and to giving it your all? Good. Well keep going then. Back to the top of the head, sensations, scanning Again and again I follow our teachers advice to Start again, smilingly. Pavlov s dogs couldn t compete with our finely tuned ears, for the lunch bell. I notice it later when washing up, so innocuous, and realise that no object is as powerful. In those final minutes, stretching out like years, we long for it with every cell. I ve begun trying to read the various kitchen sounds, searching for a pattern The blender. That s for the fruit juice. They make that last! for signs that the moment of release is approaching. The tinkle of dropped cuttlery causes a jump of excitement followed by the crash of realisation. This waiting and wanting is awful. And that is exactly the point: you cannot make it end by wanting it to end. The only tactic left, other than defeat, is to give up craving and accept, accept, accept. Accept the unpleasant feelings and sit with them. I start to do this and an amazing thing greta knights the ache, which had grown into a roaring tsunami threating to overcome my willpower, changes. The quality of the sensation physcially changes. It is like being in a recording studio with a bad heavy metal band, the noise sharp and horrendous, and I have just stepped into the sound room and closed the door. The band are still playing I can see them through the window but the sound is now muffled, bearable, separate. It has become a white heat somewhere below and above it my mind rests in a sort of solid, unchanging peace. The thought make it stop pops back and, like someone pulling the soundroom door open, the clash rushes up round my ears. I fight to close it: I accept this. I will sit here for as long as it takes. I will sit here even after the bell goes. This is a pretty profound insight: experiencing that the worst part of pain is our reaction to it, the craving for it to stop, and that giving up this craving actually takes out the sting. I can recognise the power of this. Training oneself to accept the pleasant and unpleasant, the good and the bad, without prejudice clearly gives great strength and studies pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn have demonstrated the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness in helping those suffering with chronic pain. More broadly too the quality of equanimity is one of the most important that we recognise in the Older and Wiser whose solidity and unflappability radiate strength and peace, even in the most stressful circumstances. It is an attractive attribute and one I would love to cultivate. Except that I am troubled by a critical question: what am I giving up to be equanimous? Leave a comment. Makes me happy. VERNON TOWNSHIP The best time to pay attention to water quality, according to the folks at Meadville Area Water Authority, is while the quality of the water is just fine. That s why Yvonne Shaffer of American Water and Edward Adams of MAWA recently visited seven elementary schools in seven days, spreading the word that the best way to have good water is to take good care of the water supply. Participating schools include Crawford Central School District s Cochranton, East End, First District, Neason Hill, Second District and West End elementary schools, and Seton Catholic School. Their presentation is part of MAWA s annual celebration of National Drinking Water Week, otherwise greta knights as the first full week in May.

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