Upin dan ipin dan kawan-kawan episode baru

Upin dan ipin dan kawan-kawan episode baru

It was only about the bands comments regarding the poor value that they believed a Blu-ray transfer of their existing audio visual material upin dan ipin dan kawan-kawan episode baru have been. The rest is all your own invention dodging. Its just a pity the supine sheeple like yourself are prepared to put up with any old poor transfer. No doubt youll keep on watching you bit-rate meter with awe and missing the bigger picture. Alright Multi, since you brought up sheep its safe to say your completely blathering now. You have provided absolutely nothing to this conversation other than name calling, opinions and unsubstantiated facts. Yes, the band thinks the original material may not be of enough quality for a Blu-ray transfer. No, youre not sure if they really know anything about what it takes to be a quality Blu-ray transfer. Youve convinced yourself that the band is above the MASSES of people who dont know that you can get an HD picture from film. I dont know why you keep ignoring upin dan ipin dan kawan-kawan episode baru fact that the band knows the film was shot in 16mm, but does NOT know that you can get an HD picture from 16mm film, but its probably because it contradicts your notion that the guys in the band are A/V experts. You have absolutely no idea upin dan ipin dan kawan-kawan episode baru the transfer is like and yet youve already judged it as poor. The only one dodging here is you, and I can understand just dont know, but you want it to be bad news for Blu-ray. I dont think Ive ever watched a bit rate meter in my life, so thats another one of your know-it-all theories thats blown to crap. Unless you have something substantial to talk about, I will ignore all your further responses. Actually if you could just step back from making a complete tt of yourself my comments were originally made in relation to Nates claims that this band didnt know jack about their own audio/visual products. But you were too busy leaping up to attack someone you see as not devoted to your beloved video format. theyre only doing it for the money comments, which is kind of weird considering what a fan of the band you painted yourself as. I am not against choice, I am pro honesty. I am all for an honest group who knew the original source material was not good enough to put out claim high def audio images and so rip-off their fan-bass for an additional 50% 100% over the DVD price. More power to them, shame more others arent like them. You Blu-trolls are far too easy obvious. Did Truth Teller make himself a new name? Let the hive mind of Engadget get that for you. Im looking for a pair of quality headphones that arent seemingly made of glass. Im an avid BMXer which causes me to frequently bash on any type of technology that joins me for my daily riding. Ive been through the higher quality headsets in the Skullcandy line as these are supposed to be built for abuse, which is laughable.

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