Planes trains automobiles part 1

Planes trains automobiles part 1

Thats the problem. Im expecting a lot of hate, and Im not siding with the TelComs but you have to look at this rationally. No hate here, just disagreement: The issue with your position is that in other nations, its been demonstrated that its economically viable to provide much better service for much lower monthly costs than what we get here. South Korea and Japan are two examples of this. In America, its simply a cash grab. There is planes trains automobiles part 1 dark fiber here than there is lit fiber capacity for far more traffic is available than is even being provisioned, yet the telcos act like were just eating them out of house home. The ironic thing here is these idiots would make money hand over fist if theyd light up all the capacity they already have, provide the fastest possible speeds to as many customers as possible with actual, correct network management, like traffic prioritization, and get the hell out of the way. Instead, theyre trying to create an artificial scarcity. We know its artificial because service has actually gotten worse over planes trains automobiles part 1 past few years with caps, throttling, use fees, etc. while we see things improving elsewhere in the world. Technology marches forward, not backward, so we see declining service quality and offerings here in the states and rightly so get pissed off about it. We all know part of the motivation of the telcos and cable companies is to discourage people from using competing services. They love their monopolies and things like Netflix, Hulu, and Skype really cut into their bread-and-butter markets. Why bother with pay-per-view when you can just stream movies? Why pay 20 or more per month for a digital phone line when a simple ATA can adapt a regular phone to make calls via VoIP for pennies per call? Thats whats really got the providers upset. People are paying us for our internet connection and then using it to do other stuff they should also be paying us for! Cry me a river, telcos. I just dont buy it. Thanks for the respectful: rebuttal. I was wrong. I wasnt even thinking that Netflix had to pay their providers a sorta big oversight on my part. Youve changed my position, and this is why I post: to have a good discussion about an issue. Now how about Glenn Beck and why he should run for president. Thank you for saving me a lot of typing. Nail-Head. Also, it is not a commodity like gas or electricity; there is not a finite amount of data.

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