Above the law New Moon is a

Above the law

New Moon is a completely new and original work of music; you cannot find the songs on this compilation anywhere else, with each song completely original and written specifically for the movie soundtrack. The artists range from the well-known to the obscure, from the folk-rock to the alternative, and the impressive range and skill of each musician is apparent from the get-go. The album kicks into a broodingly moody gear with Death Cab for Cuties amazingly emotive Meet Me on the Equinox, which bleeds into the slightly punky punch of Friends by Band of Skulls. Thom Yorke, the lead singer of alternative rock legends Radiohead, contributes his own dark electronic track Hearing Damage, to be followed by the soft and introspective strains of Possibility by Lykke Li. The Killers of indie-rock fame contribute the original A White Demon Love Song, which perfectly captures the complicated relationships between Bella, Edward and Jacob throughout the story of New Moon. Anya Marina belts out the lovely ballad Satellite Heart, which is followed by a slinky new remix of Muses new single I Belong to You. Bon Iver and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club each come in with their own folk/aternative rock songs Roslyn and Done All Wrong, respectively, each track unique and lively in their own way indeed, the New Moon soundtrack could easily have fallen into the simple category of teen angst music but the overall quality of the songs and the mixing are enough to completely sidestep that bullet. Hurricane Bells lively rock anthem Monsters again ramps the album up from the slowness while still managing to capture the overall, ethereally brooding sense that holds this unique album together. Sea Wolf delivers a punchy folk tune in The Violet Hour, which leads in to OK Gos new track Shooting the Moon, a fun pop-infused folk/rock song that has a beat and a style all its own. Grizzly Bears darkly romantic Slow Life comes up next, and the final song for the album is No Sound But the Wind by indie/folk rock leaders the Editors, a lush and gorgeous piano ballad that carries us into the true star of this collection: The final track on this compilation, however, is the true creme de la creme of this collection an original score work for the movie composed by the new French composer Alexandre Desplat. Titled simply New Moon The Meadow, above the law complex piano melodies and heartrending orchestrations perfectly illustrate everything Desplat needed to accomplish, and this particular song outshines every other song on this album. At this point, Im almost more excited about the score album coming out than the movie itself! Bottom line whether or above the law the movie itself will improve on its predecessor is hard to gauge at this point, but this soundtrack is that rare kind of originality, that special kind of gem, that is hard to stumble upon this day, and yet this album managed to do it with grace. Introducing new acts, providing dazzling new material from old favorites, and mixing an album to keep it fresh while never losing the brooding cohesiveness of the project the mix is based upon is a difficult task, but The Twilight Saga: New Moon has more than stepped up to the challenge it hit a solid home run. 0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Indie-riffic soundtrack, October 16, 2009 This soundtrack shocked the indie world. Who would have thought this teen pop culture phenomenon was going to have such a strong indie-centric soundtrack. It is a very downbeat soundtrack with moody songs from moody artists that I personally love for a moody movie. You can just feel the fear, impatience, longing, an inadequacy in most of the songs, which are primary emotions of adolescence and most vampire fiction. Highlights for me were Thom Yorkes Radiohead song Hearing Damage. Anytime I can hear new material from this guy Im happy. It has a similar feel to his solo release, Eraser, which I thought was great. When I read about this soundtrack I was REALLY excited about hearing the Bon Iver St. Vincent collaboration because Im obsessed with St. Vincents album Actor. It definitely sounds more like Bon Iver versus Clarke but her haunting voice adds a lot the song. I really like Grizzly Bears Slow Life. It has their normal haunting feel with unbelievable harmony. Overall, this is a great soundtrack and since its geared toward teens its an awesome opportunity for them to hear from some of the best artists in music today. It does feel a bit like colliding of two worlds since indie fans typically dont like their bands to go mainstream. However, I hope twilight fans grasp the uniqueness of so many great artists being on one soundtrack. As a fan, Ive been eagerly waiting for the soundtrack and finally got my copy today. I am very pleased with this CD. I was a big fan of the Twilight soundtrack, but I can honestly say that I love this as well maybe more. Compared to the Twilight soundtrack, this is much quieter. With Twilight, it was a bit harder in sound and more fast paced. It fit with the hectic situations of the first novel. This New Moon soundtrack feels more somber and truly embodies the emotions at the center of the story. This is definitely a must-have for fans of the series, or just fans of good music. But be warned, if youre not into more indie music, chances are that you wont care for this CD.

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