Mona lisas and mad hatters elton john

Mona lisas and mad hatters elton john

CAVANAUGH: Im speaking with Leo McElroy, hes nonpartisan Sacramento political consultant, and of course a contributor to morning edition here on KPBS. Of and were talking about the fact that Governor Browns plan to have a special election in June to ask voters to extend some temporary taxes mona lisas and mad hatters elton john fees seems to have fallen through. And just to be clear, Leo, did the governor need two thirds of the legislature in order to get that ballot measure on the ballot so to speak? MCELROY: Are well, there is a legal battle over this. Basically, yes, he needs two thirds to put that on because its a revenue measure. And the voters in their wisdom chose to say yes, you can pass a budget now with a majority, but you cant raise money without a super majority, without a two thirds majority. The Republicans did get a legal opinion that under certain, very limited, circumstances, a majority vote could put a revenue measure on the ballot. But and the legal technicalities are just numerous, but to try to sum up, essentially it can only be done if you are amending a revenue measure that was already passed by the initiative process. MCELROY: Its a little tough to fit into that framework. MCELROY: People are looking at us, scratching thirds requirement heads, saying is there a way to do this? And I tell you, there are people working on if right now. As we speak, there are people still had you had huddled over their desk trying to find some way to fit some revenue measures into previous initiatives as amendments to those so that they can pass them on a majority vote. Nobody I know believes that there is a way to make up 15 billion by doing that. CAVANAUGH: Right. And the reason that people are struggling so hard to try to figure out a way to do this, even if its impossible is because theres real fear that attends the idea of actually having to cut an additional 15 billion from this already pared down budget, and mostly that fear falls on Californias teachers. How will they be affected if the state legislature has to pass the all cuts budget? MCELROY: You know, I was just talking with a San Diego teacher yesterday about this. And she was saying, you know, we saw our class sizes diminish and we saw education get better when we cut down the lower grades to 20 students in the classroom instead of And she said, you know, now theres the fear that were going back up, were up to 26, and its going to go up beyond that. Thats one of the real problems is larger class sizes. But its not just larger class size. Its also a shortening of the school year. Theres serious talk of cutting a week to ten days off the school year. The potential allotted teacher layoffs as a result of pulling classes together and enlarging the class sizes. Youre gonna see a lot of this, and education is going to take a real clout in this thing because it is such a major part of the state budget, its gonna be one of the places that has to be cut. You cant basically make up 15 billion without cutting education. CAVANAUGH: The California federation of teachers has proposed a one percent tax hike on the top mona lisas and mad hatters elton john hearsay of earners in the state. That might raise about two and a half billion dollars for the state. How far do you think a proposal like that could go? MCELROY: Well, if you put it in the initiative process, and you go out and get signatures, you can possibly get it on the ballot in November. Itd be difficult. Youd have to rush like mad, but you could mona lisas and mad hatters elton john do that. If you count on getting it through the legislature, youd be better off going home and working on jigsaw puzzles because theres no way that that measure is going to pass the legislature. The Republicans will not deliver votes to pass that measure. Thats just an item of faith now with Republicans, and anybody who strays from the path and votes for a revenue measure is threatened with instant political reprisals.

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