Touch of Evil Fight grass fires protect property

Touch of Evil

Fight grass fires protect property. Dust control in a number of applications. Wash large equipment or machinery. Wash down stalls, farm equipment arenas. Water pastures, gardens other plants. The brass spray nozzles cover 8 to 21 wide. They may be turned to adjust the spray width. The two outside nozzles include a valve to enable independently adjustable flow rate. Including the ability to turn them off. Distributes water evenly to eliminates inconsistent application of water that can create a dangerous base material for the horse. On/Off Flow Control: From Seat Of Tractor! The ratcheting valve and attached rope enable the tractor operator to turn the flow of water on and off without getting off the tractor. Ideal for shutting off water flow when traveling over areas that have already been watered. This conserves water and eliminates over or inconsistent watering that can be detrimental in certain applications. An electric flow on/off valve is available for situations when the operator need to turn the system on and off from inside a truck in for commercial applications. Easily draw water from a pond, fire hydrant or other water reservoir. This system will fill 500 gallons in about 7 minutes. The 25 x 2 hose easily stores on the carrying rack. Included are a pond debris filter and fire hydrant coupler. All connections are quick attach couplers for ease of use. The tank may also be top filled. An anti-Siphon kit is available. See options tab above. The 25 x 2 fire hose conveniently stores on the wagon. Fire nozzle enables fan or stream spray patterns. Easily spray from seat of tractor or from the ground. Perfect for spraying into arena corners, chutes, gates, and walls that the wagon spray bar cannot reach. Also great for filling remote livestock troughs, fire control, Touch of Evil plants and gardens, cleaning stalls/farm equipment/concrete so much more! All valves and fittings are top quality Banjo brand name so you can rest assured the plumbing system will provide long service life. Control flow rate by opening or closing the valves. To achieve the highest level or pressure but apply less water turn the valves toward the off position. To increase water flow but decrease pressure open the valves to the on position. Quick Touch of Evil are standard on the fire hose and quick fill hose to enable easy connection/disconnection from the plumbing system. Cast iron cylinder sleeve, heavy duty flywheel, overhead valve, high oil fill, oil guard low oil sensor, breather through air cleaner for longer service life. Easy to drain and wash out if needed after use due to the unique design of each unit. 500 Gal. The full drain tank is rotationally molded for superior quality and is FDA approved for potable water useage. 1, 000 Gal. The sloped full drain tank is designed to ensure it may be completely drained or flushed after use.

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