New world order obama I thank

New world order obama

I thank you new world order obama found your lovely english accent to be a comfort. Without it we would have been not only stranded at sea but unaware of how, why or for how long. I truly hope the crew get more than their traditional 15% gratuity. They went so far above and beyond their normal jobs to keep the passengers safe, fed, WAITED ON, and entertained. I saw sweat rolling down their faces and still they had a smile. I saw exhaustion behind their eyes and still they worked on rigourously. They ARE heros. Selfless heros. They not only had to live the same situation all of the passengers did but had to WORK through it and take care of not just themselves, but others too. INCREDIBLE can not even describe the crew. There is no word to describe the crew and I would cruise with them all again any day. Well maybe not any day soon but when I am ready to try it again this was my first cruise you know. Get some good rest John. And prepare to cruise again another day. Thank you for being the voice in the ceiling that kept us informed! We were just on the Splendor the last week of September. John you truely are amazing. I am glad you were able to keep your humor through everything that happened to you and the guests aboard the ship. I hope that Splendor can make a quick recovery! I had the pleasure of having you as my Cruise Director on a Carnival Cruise in Italy. I m glad you, the staff and the passengers made it home safe and sound! Enjoy hot running water and hot meals! Hope you get some time off after that ordeal. Emily Welcome back John! I can t wait to learn more of what actually went on. IMHO Carnival and the passengers were luck to have you for a CD on this cruise! John, My wife, Donna I, have had the pleasure of sailing with you twice and she was on one of your cruises before we met. We wondered about your involvement in this incident and are glad that you and everyone else are safe back on solid ground. We new world order obama always enjoyed our Carnival cruises we re both Platinum card members and know the crews to be amazing. Can t wait to hear the rest of your tale. Any idea who will play you in the movie version? LOVE IT JOHN!!! Thank you for sharing can t wait for part 2 great job Carnival Splendor crew!! It would have been an experience like no other to be on that ship for a situation like this! kind of sad I missed out! I have been on 5 Carnival new world order obama and can t wait to go again someday!!! AMAZING INCREDIBLE STORY JOHN, I CAN;T WAIT TILL THE NEXT PART, HOW CALM CAN YOU BE WRITING THIS? John every report I saw stated that the CD John was outstanding as well as the crew!!! Great job under very trying circumsances! Nothing like reading this first hand. Hubby and I are on the Glory next February on the bloggers cruise, so we ve been watching this with great interest. Empress Bee speaks so very highly of your abilities as the BEST CD ever. Looking forward to the next installment.

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