American ninja 2 Customers

American ninja 2

Customers will have to go with the format that has the movies they want. Within reason. Although HD DVD has half the studios I read a blurb that stated these studios they do have enjoy a disproportionate amount of hit moves. The combination of Warner, Paramount, Universal and New Line have created a rather larger group of popular movies. Lets be honest while Blu-Ray gets to add a couple of notches with MGM and Lions Gate truth is american ninja 2 studio has really been a huge factor in recent years. MGMs value is basically their back catalog of stuff. If Disney comes aboard next year and they should I view that as more important than getting MGM or LSG. just based on ergonomics alone. Nothing as unusable as the HD-DVD player will ever enter my house. But you laud the Playstation 3 as some sort of monumental achievement:rolleyes: Well see. Frankly at twice the price and %80 of the features the Sammy player falls short of expectations IMO. Sure do. Like I said, Im sure it still looks great, and from the review, he said it does too. And to balance things out, since you pulled out all the positive quotes, here are some of the negative ones for those that didnt or wont read that article. Only posting this in fairness so people get the whole picture. The thing is, when the next gen is supposed to be all about superior visuals, and this review felt he was watching an upconveted DVD, I think you have an issue. And as he said, its not a player issue, but rather this one disk. I am sure as more reviews come out for other titles, things will look brighter. Unfortunately, as youll find out later on down in the video section, this one didnt quite meet my expectations. So I apologize upfront that what may be the first Blu-ray disc review you read wont be an unequivocal, four-star rave. because quite simply The Fifth Element is american ninja 2 not the best HD Ive seen, either compared to HD DVD or even-over-the air HD broadcasts. However, I felt there were some deficiencies inherent in the source material itself that keep this one from hitting a homer, or american ninja 2 a solid triple. Though not as noticeable perhaps on the standard DVD releases even the Superbit, The Fifth Element looks oddly soft in HD, with a lack of detail and three-dimensionality that ranks it as not-quite-demo material in the high-def sweepstakes. This transfer is just not that sharp, at least compared to the best HD Ive seen. The print is also a bit dirty in spots, which really surprised me. This all gives the image a flatter look that Im used to on HD what I expected would be eye-poppingly three-dimensional throughout just plain isnt. Oftentimes, I felt like I was watching a standard DVD upconverted to 1080i good, but kinda fake-looking. Oh so those slow buttons are suddenly going to speed up when the Official launch date hits. Ohh for the heads up. 8 The sluggish buttons come from more than one person. The slow menus come from more than one person. Calling Roberts accuracy into question is silly you can neither prove nor disprove his statement. Regarding TFE. Did I link to my own personal site or a 3rd party site that I have no affiliation with. Just because the results dont jive with your RDF doesnt mean they are false. Its always wait for for that Ive clearly stated the issues with the Sammy that I expect some will get fixed. You continue to make excuses and denigrate legit reviews because they dont fit in your rose tinted world. I linked to the article in its entirety. Some people will not listen to reason. Over the months Ive remained steadfast in my support of HD DVD. Unlike some of the BD supporters on this site Im not being childish about this. I WILL own a BD player but I will not put up with the blatant misinformation that flies around. I prefer that my own errors be called out so that I dont make them again. Blu-Ray is going to be a good platform.

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