Men at work who can it be

Men at work who can it be now

REUNION was accepted by nearly 50 reviewers two months before the release date. I scheduled about 40 guest blogs some are on my blog. I spent about 300-400 to ship about 25 print copies 80 a book shipping reshipping. Some were overseas I posted a 1-week Goodreads giveaway and had almost 1200 readers sign up. Im giving two more copies away during the tour and a Kindle. Reviews started rolling in about 3 weeks ago. I currently have thirteen men at work who can it be now and five 4-star reviews on Goodreads and six 5-star reviews on Amazon. Im pushing for fans, followers and family to buy on April 15 so my Amazon ranking will jump up, giving me more exposure. I sent out a Facebook email to nearly 1200 of my family, friends, and associates, asking them to buy on April 15 I will do the same with my Twitter account. I was listed as the 4 Best Book of March on Goodreads 72 although that is a fluid number for 2011, before the book was even released. Im an Indie author. All I have done is observe what the publishing companies do right, and what they do wrong. I havent done everything perfectly and Ive run into lots of snags that I didnt mention, but everyone will have their own issues. Thats all for now, Ill report back here in 45 days and let you know how the launch and blog tour go. Until then, be sure to get a copy of REUNION on April 15 and see what is so special about this book. To find out more, go to my website, David Ray kills eight in a failed attempt to fix his world. Twenty years later, the survivors organize a reunion. Old flames rekindle, fears ignite, and their lives explode in a whirlwind of memories. Will the classmates overcome their fears or be consumed by their nightmares? Starting April 1, I m going on a blog tour until May 15th. During this time I ll be giving away 1 Kindle and two signed copies of REUNION. Author, blogger, father, husband. Ive been drumming for over half my life and writing for the best part of it. My family and I live in Central Indiana with our two stray cats and one hamster. Im the author of The Rumblin, a short suspense and REUNION, a supernatural thriller coming May 1, 2011 and Act of Vengeance coming in Late 20 Follow me TweetTheBook as I encourage you and your writing! Impressive. It s amazing how much advance work goes into releasing a book. Well done for being on the ball about it. Thanks, Reena. I think I m going to be pretty well exhausted by May 15th! I don t know if I ll put this much work in every time. I ll make that decision depending on how things go with REUNION. I started reading your blog shortly after you finalized your Reunion cover. You re my Indie Publishing Hero I had/do similar ideas and fortunately researched ahead of time, but the blog tour? Didn t consider it. I would say I wish you the best of luck, but you won t need it! Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your marketing plan, plus posting your mistakes. I thought I d covered everything, but you mentioned several things I never considered. It wasn t even that long ago men at work who can it be now the light went on that I needed a marketing plan. I agree that it s hugely exhausting, but from the looks of things, it looks like yours will be a huge success. I m rooting for you.

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