Super rhino trailer Thank you both for your co-operation

Super rhino trailer

Thank you both for your co-operation. Rather than question the wisdom, question your own lack of understanding! Seeing as I started this post, I now want to have it closed!! Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on Dancer in the Dark. Ill rent it first before buying. Im sorry for those of you involved in the slanging match that seemed to crop up every reply or two. Not what I intended! Maybe somewhere else is best for that sort of thins, or not at all?! Personal tastes aside, Im looking forward to seeing Dancer, if only to see why it has got you all so ANGRY with each other! Message to the administrators, I think you can close this post soon!! Thanks! chlngr, you say that my taste in film is clear because I do not like Hollywood product. This is as if to say there are Hollywood films, which 99% of people prefer, and then there are art films which only Maha and a few of his friends But this a gross and ridiculous simplification. For example, some here are warning of the experimental nature of Dancer, yet the film could equally well be criticised for being too mainstream, for using a conventional narrative, for being manipulative, shallow and not detatched enough from its characters. Ive seen many people use these arguments, just because no-one puts them forward here doesnt mean they dont exist. I actually take a very middle position on these matters. I love the films of Trier and Kubrick, Im not convinced by Rohmer or even some Tarkovsky. Thus my opinion/taste/whatever is far from obvious and clear cut and before making sweeping generalisations maybe Dom should actually see some of the films I am talking about. I mean, christ, for every one of those silly Hollywood genre why not watch something a little bit different? Something a little bit challenging, something that, you know makes you actually feel something or makes you think. Theres the real question why do some people so strongly resist opening up their minds? This message has been edited by mahavishnu edited 07-16-200 Wow since when was this thread about what films Maha likes? I thought it was about Dancer in the Dark. Ambushbug please do not egg on Maha. saraswati If anyone knows who anyone is it is taxi. I would take him at his word Adjuster I know Maha irritates you and many others on the board, dont egg him on either. Maha if you continue with the My taste in film line action will be taken. I have asked you before to not bomb threads. Moderator of the Now Playing and software forum. Hey thats no fun, she fell right over! Location: Lawrenceville, GA Maha-I warned Redux about the experimental aspects of Dancer not because I distrust those things. I said earlier that I bought the film myself, so super rhino trailer I did like it. However, I think the dramatic elements and the experiment butt heads. Less observant viewers are going to look at the film as some super rhino trailer of a joke. The drama would have worked better if there was a some detachment. That sounds strange super rhino trailer Trier has filmed his last few films in this way because he felt his previous filmsstarting backword frm Zentropa had become too cold. However, if he had backed of a bit, it would not look as if von Trier is mocking Selma and the other characters, thus increasing compassion for the characters. The full-on mellodrama seems just too the top to be accepted by some as anything more than a joke. I do believe that von Trier believed in Selmas conflict, but film as whole walks a very thin line, leaving open for many misinterpetations. Egman the best films always walk a very thin line! Istagi I didnt bomb anything, I was simply responding to Doms criticism and also addressing some of the wider issues raised by Dancer in the Dark.

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