Santa claus is coming to

Santa claus is coming to town

It might be a foolish dream Animal Farm tells a similar story at its ending: We have a right to try again and again. Though it s an ending that differs from the story in the original novel, I agree with that idea. Question: There are some counterviews against the changing of the ending though. John Halas told that he wanted to give the audience hope for the future. Miyazaki: I agree. If they raise a revolution or a coup detat and exile the dictator and try to build an ideal world, then they soon will find a new dictator appearing in it. That is something history can easily show us. Despite of this, we should stand up again and again. I mean we have a right to revolt. To speak of my own private concern, during the 1960s I was very active in the labor union. I dont intend to say our activity was good or wrong. However, it was better to do than to do nothing, knowing human often makes mistakes. Recently young people begin independent labor unions. Revolutions should be raised everywhere. Question: In fact, it became apparent that the CIA concerned itself to this movie and gave it financial assistance. Miyazaki: The CIA s involvement is of no matter me. I believe that Halas and Batchelor wanted to make the movie without regarding the investors. Any faucets are OK. We should make what we can make with the water that comes out from the faucet. Even for me, there is much possibility to do things like that. What can I say to the question if Animal Farm is a masterpiece? I dont think it is of such a level. I mean, it has its weakness on depicting human complicacy. However, although it has some weaknesses, it is worth watching. Viewing it from the present perspective, it also has a certain unskillfulness in terms of technique. I can accept the movie including its unskillfulness. I can guess they struggled with it so much. Im sure it was so hard for them to make a feature length animation during that age. We mustnt evaluate it only because of CIA money. Were all those who made a living during Japan s militarism period dirty? Never. As I told it in the beginning, it was a visceral need for Halas and Batchelor to make this movie. I think they completed what they wanted to make with the clever use of CIA money. Starting December 20 Animal Farm will screen at a selected number of theaters in Japan.

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