Methodic doubt Compression Loss of audio quality

Methodic doubt

Compression Loss of audio quality. ALWAYS. Regardless of how advanced the codec is. So what you are saying is that Blu-Ray uses the additional space for better audio. Thank you for enlightening us. In other words, its using extra space for audio because IT CAN, otherwise it would be using audio codecs. Only HD DVD zealots would try to spin this. VC-1 is possible on Blu-Ray as well, but is not currently used because that compression format is controlled by Microsoft. So it uses other formats like H. 264 and MPEG The fact is, most codecs used are common between both formats, but no amount of spin will change the fact that 25 15 for ANY APPLICATION, not methodic doubt movies. Funny how you dont include that Blu-ray can utilize the same codecs HD-DVD t that a coincidence on how you leave out a great part of information that proves you WRONG. What video codecs will Blu-ray support? MPEG-2 enhanced for HD, also used for playback of DVDs and HDTV recordings. MPEG-4 AVC part of the MPEG-4 standard also known as H. 264 High Profile and Main Profile. SMPTE VC-1 standard based on Microsofts Windows Media Video WMV technology. Please note that this simply means that all Blu-ray players and recorders will have to support playback of these video codecs, it will still be up to the movie studios to decide which video codecs they use for their releases. Thanks! I dont know why, but he bugs me more than most of them do. Its also fun to use facts to refute his bogus claims. First of all, theres a very convenient spin to this article: it doesnt compare Blu-ray to DVD or digital distribution. Second, Blu-ray beating HD-DVD clearly isnt making the PS3 sell any better, so this obviously doesnt have a direct connection to console sales. You are as bad as Mister Nonsense and Devise a lot of lies. Do you have any proof of your noise/interference problem or is that just another one of the bogus claims that schmucks as consumers, not engineers, are falsely assuming. I know that you wont find a bad review about the picture quality of the PS3 as a BD player but just to make sure that methodic doubt get the point check out this link by a completely unbiased, towards BD or Sony, source. As you can see it is by an HDTV site in the UK. Please try to tell me how you think Sony managed to get hdtvorg to give them a biased review. There is no way that you can! Your hate towards the PS3 and BD is appalling to say the least and your complere lack of any factual evidence to support your illogical opinions makes you contemptible. Go play with your kindergarten friends! Scrub! Machester Bloke do you live in the Woopwoops? Guest 2007-05-22 13:30 Bluray is in quite a few places, way more than HDDVD thats for sure. Go to JB-Hifi, theyre exclusive Blu-ray now somewhereunreg istered, I read somewhere, I think EGM, that a blu-ray attachment like the hd-dvd one for the xbox 360 would not entirely be out of the picture for Microsoft. somewhereunreg istered, I think they already dropped it down to 650 or something huge like that, didnt they? Mister Common Sense, stfu. Go play in traffic. for those that say HD-DVD was first to the market and sony and the bda never submitted the BLU-RAY FORMAT to the DVD to know why they never needed too. they already were selling stand alone blu-ray player/recorders since feb before HD DVD was even did the first HD DVD player come to the market APR 200 from:?ArticleID10987 TSST Korea Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation announced that it has completed the technical development of its Blu-ray disc drives.

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