Cool hand luke part 1 And the

Cool hand luke part 1

And the not tough enough stuff is typical crap from what I can tell. But he s not a superstar by any count, and I have a feeling that we could ve found big-time value for him last year, and that in a few year s time he ll be looking to come in a lot closer to a Crawford payday than the Cameron payday he deserves assuming no dramatic improvement. As for Tito, he s been doing the late pulls for years, even when he had a very good bullpen. But perhaps the team wasn t looking for that. In that situation, OK, fine, I ll accept that he was good for what the team wanted from him, but why do we need him anymore? Manny is gone, and we re filled with low-maintenance guys aside from Papelbon and Beckett, and the strategy with them just seems to be give them what they want regardless of if it s good for the team. 90% of the fanbase could tell you Lester was our ace coming into the season, but there s Beckett on opening night. Ditto the situation between Bard and Papelbon a few months in. He may have been good for the team these last few years, but with our new core being full of work-hard team players Why do we need that? I d rather have someone who can manage the bullpen and bench properly. I posted a long comment on this piece this morning I saw it go live before I logged off the page. So nobody deleted it or hid it. It just must not have gotten through. about Tito. I hadn t thought about the shift the team has taken over the last few years from divas, to a little more blue collar guys. It does make sense that our need for a manager who can handle egos might have lessened, so I guess I see your point on that. However, one of Tito s strengths that seems to be ignored by his critics is the calm in which he handles the job. Despite all of the shouting from the media and fans!, he stays the course, and I think that is a strength. Look at Pedroia in his first full season, or Papi in his last two seasons. Not a lot of managers would have stuck it out with those guys, cool hand luke part 1 in hindsight, it has been the right call Maybe there ARE better options out there in terms of in-game management, but I always worry that a new manager will come to Boston and get eaten alive off the field. And as for Ellsbury, I agree that he is a good, but not star player. And yes, we could have seen higher returns for him in a trade before this injury plagued season. But the past is the past, and to get rid of him now would be completely selling low. We can t let the sunk cost of not trading him last offseason, force our hand this offseason. Your point regarding a change-in-tide as far as the makeup of our team and how it lessens the impact of Terry s best managerial qualities is something I had planned on addressing in part two very good point. And yes, the late pulls and negativity from the fans perspective isn t new to this year, and maybe it hasn t necessarily worsened, but I would say it s at least become a more discussed topic that would be a better way to put it: IT hasn t increased, but the attention towards it has. I wonder how interested in Buck the Red Sox would have been had Tito s contract been up this season and the O s didn t scoop him up. I think he woulda been a great fit in Boston. Really solid in-game manager and cool hand luke part 1 have been great with the media and any big personality players that would have been left. In 1979, he hit his first career home years before his birth. He once swung at a pitch and missed, just to see how it felt. He is the only player in history to record more hits than plate appearances.

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