Watchers 2 part 1 No killing

Watchers 2 part 1

No killing or fighting, just pick up the mic and try to ruin somebodys career. WEEKEND Party in ! Find Out How! MAXIMIZE YOUR TALENTS, GOALS OPPORTUNITIES With MAJOR PROMOTION, MARKETING DISTRIBUTION Worldwide! TV RADIO TOURS STORES STREETS ONLINE! You GOT THE POWER! INDIEPOWER! Use it! I wouldnt say beef is obsolete. Head over to Rogers urMusic to see what and who ignited 2010s battles of the bands. It die with Fifty Cent getting slayed by Rick The entertainment side of Rap will never get lyrical, although you have these Harlem fkin Rediculous!!!Not just Harlem, its alot cats out there using their Ups To Rap ya sword sharp!! My version of Monster, check it Lyrical rap beefs ended long ago. I dont know where youve been but I certainly havent heard any since Jay Nas. You cant call what Beanie was saying to Jay as beef. That is something totally different. Most of the artists are afraid of a lyrical bout. Many of them know they simply cannot hang which is why they go the Jay-Z route and ignore you. Besides, most of these new dudes arent in it for the competition, theyd rather just look good. Another point is, many of them dont realize that a rap competition does not have to end in a funeral procession. awwFuwee: Ross got killed and it wasnt even a rap that na fifty invited rick rosss baby momma to his house hung out with his kids took pictures and watchers 2 part 1 sold video tapes of rick rosss baby momma gettin it! fifty won on a personal form! Rap has watered down since back in the day everybody knows its for record sells i think everybody opened there eyes after 50 vs kanye that was just for sells now everybody wanna make a name off somebody elses because fifty did it but they dont realize there was real beef behind that! only beef i enjoyed and it wasnt long was the royce vs mistah fab and mistah fab got murdered and im a fan of mistah fab! BEEF KING ROYCE DA 59 aint nobody can get at him and win! dude will empty a can on em! look at Eminem vs Royce, Royce killed him and everybody be saying eminem the greatest! Roce will bury any rapper in the game! i listen to everybody but Malcolm X was just as deadly as Ether i wanna see ROYCE VS NAS that would be the best BATTLE EVER WHY EVERYBODY SINGING LIKE JA RULE IN RAP THOUGH nas ON THE RAdIO GARBAGE AS A MUTHAFUCKA! Emcees MUST keep battling, battling is integral to Hip Hop culture Stop twitting tweeting bitching on the net and radio stop making little fuckery threats, Stop hating, Stop Iluminati conspiracies Emcees MUST keep battling, battling is integral to Hip Hop culture Stop twitting tweeting bitching on the net and radio stop making little fuckery threats, Stop hating, Stop Iluminati conspiracies Its very hard to not feel like alot of media people think hip hop will die if the RICH artist dont continue to succeed. Its almost like they have no faith in ANYONE else who raps on the whole planet. How can you not read this and think that it all comes down to how can the industry maintain its superiority over the people. This sentence right here for example: Its already here in many ways. Kanye working with Drake, who works with Jay-Z, who works with Nicki who works with Lil Wayne, got out of jail. But, it isnt limited to the commercial rappers. Look at Big, Curreny, Yelawolf and Wiz Khalifa. Im thinking WTF? Arent these the same people who have been promoted all year by the media, BEEN UNITED! Pushing the same style on every song and crappy mentality all year! BTW, these are really ALL commercial rappers. Except, for now. Hell be on a major soon. They aint tag him yet. It seems like your saying the industry has united. Well guess what, some of us know that. When I see a new acct. miraculously pop up on media sites screaming how much these industry artist are so deserving of the superiority they project on us, I wonder how much they get paid to say it. There is absolutely no way anyone could be stupid enough to really support an industry that is rotating the same 100 artist saying literally watchers 2 part 1 with impact.

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