Santa clause is coming to town

Santa clause is coming to town

Back then Japan s major audio and visual soft manufacturer Pony-Canyon was planning the promotion video of C s most famous studio, one of the producers got the idea to ask Ghibli about it. Everyone wondered if they would accept to make just an promotion video, but the person who initiated the idea thought they had nothing to lose and called the studio. Suzuki usually never accepted santa clause is coming to town orders, but still tried to tell it to Miyazaki, who during those days struggled to make Mononoke Hime s final concept. Based on the original Mononoke idea Miyazaki made 10 years earlier, he was absolutely stuck at it and accepted the offer as a switch of mood. Before that, Studio Ghibli had had a company tour to Nara. There Suzuki, Miyazaki and some others enjoyed a SEGA game arcade. They rode a virtual space simulation and all felt it was amazing. Except for Miyazaki, who told, Im never deceived by such cheap illusions. Interestingly, when Miyazaki started working on the e-conte of On Your Mark, Suzuki found it contained a similar image to that from the SEGA ride. Miyazaki seemed to had taken an idea from it and said, I can make a much better one than that of SEGA. 26th of October, MIYAZAKI TALKS NEXT MOVIE, HOTTA AND PONYO: This week NTV s Zoom in Super talked to Miyazaki Hayao at Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature, which is currently holding a special Hotta Yoshie Exhibition subtitled The Troublous Times Depicted by Ghibli. Question: Why is Ponyo a kingyo goldfish? Miyazaki: In my first concept, it was a tin frog. However, frog stories are commonplace and as we usually take about 3 years to complete a movie, avoiding trends like that is a necessity. They often become out of date when the movie is finally completed note: Miyazaki refers to popular animations like Kerero Gunso and the older Dokonjo Gaeru. Some time ago, before the TV age, a tin kingyo was very popular as a kid bath toy. So I thought it was better. Miyazaki: That is a difficult question to answer. When I get a book that seems interesting and I dont have to get up early next morning I usually read books in bed Before reading I just smoke and that is the happiest time for me. Or santa clause is coming to town about a movie just after I get an idea that can be turned into a movie, that is the most pleasant time. After that, production starts and so does the misery. Question: How about your next movie? Miyazaki: After finishing a movie, I want to make one that is quite different. For example, a live action movie might be nice. However, Im sure we cant recover the costs. Itll take a lot of money. When I told Suzuki about it, he replied that he would only permit a 30 million Yen budget laughing. With such small money its impossible to make any kind of movie. Anyway, I dont think I must make animation only. No problem with live action. To tell the truth, I have a clear idea about what I want to make, though Ill never tell other people what it is note: the way Miyazaki speaks does not imply he will surely make a live-action film, but rather leaves all options open. Furthermore, Miyazaki gave a lecture on Hotta Yoshie, containing some rather abstract subjects. Following is a short extract: Hotta was like a coordinate to me that always showed us where we were. When sailing in this world, we often fell into left or stray into right on a tidal stream or due to some big waves. When we lost our position on the ocean, looking at Hotta s work showed us where drifted to and where to go to. He was like a towering rock that never moved. Once, I happened to meet him and he told me, How about making Houjouki Shiki into an animated feature? Ill give it to you. When I read it I usually read books in my bed I felt I had been in the Kamakura era note: about 800 years ago. I thought that if I had woken up and opened the windows, I could have seen Kyoto on fire.

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